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I was recently attempting to use jimfs from clojure. I was working on a system that dealt with files, and wanted to be able to test it quickly and in parallel. There is an example of basic use in the readme.

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When designing a web client api the functions can end up looking similar. Everything boils down to the request execution. Each api function is just a bit different based on the exact http-method, api end point, or parameters. Removing this duplication might not be straightforward. A recent code review request had this situation. The author ended up writing a macro to extract the repetition.

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When developing a clojure web app there are often static pieces that need to be served. Javascript and CSS are one example. Static html, such as a security or about page, is another. The java ecosystem's term for these are resources. By using resource functions they can be packaged and deployed in a jar file.

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