Saturday remote pairing

I’ve stopped doing this for now.

Want someone to pair program some clojure code with? Me too! I’ve got time on US Saturdays and want to find people to pair with for 1-2 hours. This seems like an awesome way to teach and learn about lots of projects from lots of people.

Schedule a time or read below for details.

What do you get?

If you are a beginner

  • You get one on one time with a clojure expert willing to help.
  • You can learn functional thinking and code structure.

    If you are not a beginner

  • You get a pair highly interested in pairing, testing, and functional architecture to code and bounce ideas off.
  • You get some dedicated time to learn about projects.
  • You get a chance to teach.
  • More practice reading code!

Who am I?

I am Nelson Morris (xeqi). I’ve contributed heavily to leiningen, co-maintain clojars, have a commit into clojurescript and have built other open source projects. I’ve been an independent consultant for several years using a combination of clojure and ruby. I’ve got a strong interest in web, tooling, and teaching.

What I get

  • I get to meet lots of cool people!
  • I get ideas for my upcoming clojure screencast series
  • I get exposure to lots of projects
  • I get to learn stuff too

Possible projects

I’m open to spending time on almost anything non-work related. I’d prefer if you had a project in mind so you get the most out of it. Here are some general ideas:

Beginner ideas:

  • bowling kata (good for functional thinking)
  • 4 clojure problems
  • explaining core clojure functions
  • repl workflow

Experienced ideas:

  • Anything web/tooling (om, tools.analyze, etc)
  • Code dives to figure out how something works
  • Exploring test.check properties for test suites
  • Have an oss lib you want to explain and review?

Other ideas are awesome too!

Prefered setup

  • EC2 instance (or other vps)
  • emacs (cider+paredit)
  • tmux
  • ssh
  • skype

I’ve found these tools to work the best for remote clojure pairing. I’m open to trying others.


I’m generally available on Saturdays 10am-5pm US EST, and would be happy to block out 2 hours for a pairing session. Schedule a time and we can discuss the project and the environment setup.


Send a question Here are some pre-answered.

Can we spend time on a work project?

This sounds like more of a consulting arrangement. I’d be happy to set something up through Zenslade Software if you would find a 2 hour block useful.

Have you signed a clojure contributor’s agreement?

Yes, and I’d be happy to place work done during this time under it if required.

Saturday doesn’t work for me. Can we schedule a different time?

Unfortunatly Saturday is the only day that works for me. I highly encourage sending an email to the clojure list or joining #clojure on freenode and trying to set something else up with another person.

I’m not an emacs user, can we use __?

Sure, as long as it can work remotely with minimal setup. It might require you driving more. The fun stuff is concepts, teaching, and building, not the particular tools. Though if you’re interested in learning some general emacs+clojure we can cover that too.